Extend your tutorials with folder diffs

Generate diffs between folders in your GitHub repos. Share them with your readers or students so they can follow along with your lessons.

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Share full code changes

Generate a full file-by-file diff of entire folders, and link your readers to it. This makes it super-easy to follow along with code tutorials and courses.

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Find, share, and regenerate diffs

Updated your tutorial's code on GitHub? No problem, regenerate the full diff with one click and keep the same permalink so you don't have to change anything in your blog or course.

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A better experience

Give joy to your readers

From code downloads to copying, make it easy and enjoyable for your readers to follow along with your code.

Copy with one click

Your readers can copy the finished code of each file at the click of a button.

Download start or end code (coming soon)

We host your start and end code so your readers can download it, even from private repositories.

Works on private repositories

You don't have to make your tutorial or course repositories public to generate public folder diffs and downloads.

Add titles and descriptions

Share extra information with your readers via the folder diff title or description (coming soon).

Diff highlighting

Make it easier to read the code and notice all changes with syntax highlighting on lines added and removed.

No signup needed for readers

Your readers don't have to sign up to access your folder diffs and code downloads.

Take your tutorials to the next level

Start creating folder diffs from your GitHub repos for free.

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